20 years have passed since the death of Celia Cruz, the “queen of salsa” who marked history

2023-07-16 03:11:00 2003 – CELIA CRUZ. At the age of 77, the Cuban singer Celia Cruz (Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad de la Santísima Trinidad Cruz Alfonso) died in the town of Fort Lee, in New Jersey, United States. Recognized as the “queen of salsa”, Cruz was the winner of two Grammy awards and … Read more

Why are they celebrated on the same day in Argentina?

2023-07-11 03:11:00 2023 – BANDONEON. Bandoneon Day is celebrated in Argentina in commemoration of the birth of Aníbal Troilo. The date was declared by law in 2005. Aníbal Carmelo Troilo “Pichuco” was born on July 11, 2914 in Buenos Aires. The bandoneon player, composer and conductor was the author of 60 tangos, among them “Che … Read more

Happy Independence Day! What is celebrated every July 9 in Argentina

2023-07-09 03:11:00 1816 – INDEPENDENCE DAY. This Sunday, July 9, is a holiday in Argentina since it is a very special day for the country: a new anniversary of Independence Day is celebrated, which was declared in the Congress of Tucumán. The historic feat took place in the Casa de Tucumán in 1816. Here we … Read more

Why is it celebrated today, July 8?

2023-07-08 03:11:00 2021-ALLERGY DAY. International Allergy Day is celebrated in order to raise awareness about the importance of preventing allergic diseases, as well as the search for treatments that improve the quality of life of those who suffer from them. Allergy is a reaction or altered response of the body to a “substance called allergen … Read more

Why is it celebrated today, July 7?

2023-07-07 03:11:00 SOIL CONSERVATION. The International Soil Conservation Day is celebrated in commemoration of the date of death, in 1960, of the American researcher Hugh Hammond Bennett, a pioneer in promoting the preservation of this natural resource. Hugh Hammond Bennett. (INTA) “The productivity of the soil must occupy an increasingly prominent place in the thinking … Read more

The city of Córdoba celebrates today, July 6, its 450 years

2023-07-06 03:11:00 CITY OF CORDOBA. The 450th anniversary of the founding of the city of Córdoba is commemorated. The capital of the province was founded on July 6, 1573 by the Spanish Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera. On July 6, 1573, the Sevillian Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera founded the city of Córdoba in Nueva Andalucía on … Read more

why is it celebrated today, july 4th

2023-07-04 03:11:00 2023 – DAY OF THE RURAL DOCTOR. Every 4th of July the Day of the Rural Doctor is celebrated in Argentina. The date was chosen to commemorate the birth of Dr. Esteban Laureano Maradona. Doctor Esteban Laureano Maradona. (The nation) Esteban Laureano Maradona was born in 1895 in Esperanza, Santa Fe province. Graduated … Read more

Why is it celebrated and which are the most used in Argentina?

2023-06-30 03:11:00 SOCIAL NETWORKS DAY. Social Networks Day is celebrated with the aim of making them a tool that allows everyone the largest and best means of communication and information. Its origin dates from 2010, when the founder of Mashable (an Internet news blog), Peter Cashmore, proposed using a day to celebrate the advancement of … Read more