World Cup Qatar 2022: what is the sanction that Antonela Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife, could receive for having touched the World Cup? | Lionel Messi | Anton Roccuzzo | World Final | World Cup Qatar 2022

The hangover World Cup Qatar 2022 It still affects many of us, including Antonela Roccuzzothe wife of Lionel Messi. The couple and friend since childhood of the ‘Flea’ could be penalized for having touched the trophy of the highest tournament at the national team level, the world Cup, when she did not have permission to … Read more

Closing ceremony of the Qatar 2022 World Cup: relive the minute by minute of the closing ceremony at the Lusail stadium | VIDEOS | WORLD

WHAT WILL THE CLOSING CEREMONY BE LIKE IN QATAR 2022? Although there are no details from FIFA, it is expected that it will look something similar to what was offered at the opening ceremony: spectacular light show, multiple dancers, artists, cultural exhibitions and special moments. In addition to a particular detail for Mexico, the United … Read more

World Final Qatar 2022| French outlet, RMC Sport, denounces a “pro-Messi plot” in the World Cup | Argentina vs. France | World Cup Qatar 2022

This Sunday will be played grand final of the World Cup Qatar 2022 in between Argentina and France. Only one squad will lift the trophy and add their third star, so both teams will send the best of their squad to the field to achieve the feat. Prior to said great match, the French medium … Read more

Argentina and its burlesque celebration in the dressing room outrage in England

Argentina got into the final of Qatar 2022where he will face the defending champion France in decisive duel of world in the Middle East. La Albiceleste beat Croatia 3-0 in the round of four, so they arrive with confidence and excited to add the third planetary crown for the trans-Andean team. Obviously, the celebrations did … Read more