Tahia Carioca put Abdel Halim Hafez in the most embarrassing situation when he appeared for the first time. Learn about the story

The late Egyptian actress and dancer used toGreetings CariocaTo organize parties on revolution holidays, and invite artists and artists and present them to the public.

On one occasion, she organized a party in Alexandria, and she was working hard and moving a lot between stage and backstage, until she became tired.
The role of the late Egyptian artist cameAbdel Halim HafezTo appear on the stage, and this is one of the first times that he appears to the audience, as he was still a young singer, until you put him in greeting with the most difficult embarrassing situation he went through in his beginnings.
In the details, a greeting came to the stage while holding Abdel Halim’s hand, and said without focus: “Gentlemen and ladies, we present to you the singer with a tender voice, whom we expect a brilliant future.” The hall buzzed with laughter, which confused Abdel Halim and made him feel embarrassed. What am I a singer?” Carioca was confused and apologized to the laughing audience.

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