[Taiwan Index Operation Raiders]Foreign-funded Taiwan Index has significantly reduced its long orders, predicting that the end of the market will reverse? | Anue Juheng – Expert Opinion

Today (12/02) the net long position of foreign investors in Taiwan index dropped from 2,898 lots in the previous trading day to 1,055 lots after hours, a decrease of 1,843 lots. Foreign investors reversed buying over the past few days, and backhand sold 50.52 million Taiwan stocks today.The open interest of the Taiwan Index increased by 3,329 lots to 85,713 lots, showingstageThe kinetic energy of the bargaining chips continues to heat up.

US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell hinted in his latest speech that the pace of interest rate hikes will be slowed down in December. After hitting a swing high, it continued the overnight decline and opened lower by more than 100 points. Recently, the index hit a new high, and many people can’t help but enter the market to chase stocks, especially the so-called mainstream stocks. Stock teachers will tell you that that stock has hit a new high again, and the stock in hand has earned tens of thousands of dollars. Waiting for you to actually follow Operation, the result is probably not what you imagined. The current technology and chips have not shown a formal reversal signal. I think this wave of market is not over yet, but everyone knows that this is not the past bull market, chasing stocks to earn a little price difference, If you accidentally get stuck again, it is much easier to make an index. As long as the trend has not changed, you can continue to make money with your position!

How to use candlesticks to judge the structure of the day’s market trend first, and use our simple and practical formula of “Steady the market depends on the spot offensive to see futures”. Today’s opening spot spot is more resilient than the Taiwan Index. The low volume shows that the strength of the market is insufficient, but the main force at the opening Bearish operation, coupled with the weak trend in the electronic period, the intraday rebound is limited, and the overall structure is volatile. Today at 09:03 we have a complete analysis of the market situation and provided it to members for reference.

Expecting a rebound is not as good as operating the index. “Advance can be attacked, retreat can be defended.” There is no need to presuppose a position. Yesterday, foreign investors in Taiwan’s long and short positions dropped by nearly 10,000 lots. Many people intuitively believe that the market is about to reverse, but looking at past historical experience, this is probably just a blindfold. , during the five trading days from 6/14 to 6/21 this year, the Taiwan Index fell by more than 700 points, and the foreign Taiwan Index’s empty orders increased by 20,967 points at the same time; and in the seven trading days from 6/29 to July 8, the Taiwan Index fell again by more than 900 points point, while the short positions of foreign investors decreased by 19,863 positions. It can be seen that the long and short positions of foreign investors are not suitable as an indicator for judging the trend. The operation method is usually to continue to buy and exceed the spot by a large margin, and then start to establish short positions on rallies, and wait until the short orders reach a certain scale before starting to kill stocks and provide them for reference by investment friends.

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