Taiwan stocks plummeted 251 points, foreign investors withdrew 13.1 billion yuan, the three major legal entities sold more than 17.167 billion yuan | Anue tycoon

U.S. stocks closed in black on Monday, Taiwan stocks saw selling pressure today (6th), electronics, finance, and traditional production all dived, and funds were transferred to small and medium-sized stocks such as games, tourism, and wind power.weighted indexIt fell 251.86 points at the end of the session, closing at the lowest level of 14728.88 points in the market, falling behind the 5-day and 10-day moving averages. The three major legal persons sold over 17.167 billion yuan in total, of which 13.1 billion yuan was withdrawn by foreign investors.

Observing the capital movement of legal persons today, foreign investors withdrew 13.141 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks; investment trust bought more than 105 million yuan, which was 5 consecutive buys; self-employed traders continued to be sellers, and sold more than 4.131 billion yuan. The total sales of the three major legal persons exceeded 17.167 billion yuan.

Electronic weight stocks fell into one piece, TSMC fell in late trading, and the decline expanded to 2.25%, closing at the lowest of 478 yuan in the day; MediaTek, Hon Hai, Yageo, UMC, etc. fell 1-2%, Silicon Power * – KY fell to The lower limit price was 513 yuan, and Realtek fell by more than half and barely guarded the 300 yuan mark. However, the stock king Dali Guangli kept the flat price and closed at 2290 yuan.

Financial stocks were unable to support the market. Among them, the arbitrage selling pressure of Cathay Gold to sell old stocks was still heavy. The stock price fell 3.38% today, and Fubon Financial, CITIC Financial, Zhangyin, and Development Gold all fell by more than 1%. Chuan production stocks are green, container three heroes dived, Wan Hai fell half a limit, Evergreen, Yang Ming fell 3-4%; Formosa Plastics fell more than 2%, Nan Ya, Formosa Plastics both fell more than 1%.

Inspired by the theme of unblocking and end-of-year festivities, tourism stocks have become a safe haven for funds. The share price of Park Wen rose by 7%. Game stocks Pepper and Huayi both hit their daily limit today, while NetDragon, Oumaiga, Longzhong, and Yuquan all had strong gains.

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