Taking male medicine to treat kidney stones, the man “dilated the kidney”

The most recent patient is NXP (60 years old, residing in Quang Ninh). The patient said, more than 2 years ago, the patient showed pain in the left flank, pain spreading to the back, went to the doctor and was diagnosed with kidney stones.

However, instead of being hospitalized for treatment as prescribed by a doctor, the patient self-treated at home, buying herbal remedies that people knew to drink, for 2 years.

1 month ago, the patient had severe left and right flank pain, after delaying for a while, until he couldn’t stand it, he went to Vietnam – Sweden Hospital Uong Bi.

The tests showed that the patient had left kidney stone, right ureter stone, right kidney dilatation grade IV. The patient was treated endoscopically for ureteral lithotripsy. Due to enlarged kidneys, kidney function is affected.

Taking male medicine to treat kidney stones by itself can cause dangerous complications. Illustrations BSCC

According to a doctor of Nephrology – Urology, Vietnam – Sweden Hospital Uong Bi, urinary stones are solid masses that appear on the urinary tract.

Most of these stones are formed in the kidney, then move with the urine stream to other locations in the urinary tract such as ureters, bladder, urethra. In which, kidney stones account for the largest proportion up to 40%.

The disease usually has symptoms such as low back pain, painful urination, hematuria, frequent urination, pain when urinating and some symptoms such as fever, chills… If not detected and treated early, it will cause the condition. Water retention, pus-filled kidney causes dilatation of the renal calyces, long-term kidney failure leading to impaired kidney function.

Unfortunately, there are many patients who do not go to treatment but self-medicate. In the past few years, the Department of Nephrology – Urology has received many cases of patients with stones instead of being hospitalized for treatment and taking herbal medicine at home.

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After a while, the kidney was damaged, even having to remove one kidney.

Doctors warn that the use of unproven oral drugs has many potential health risks. It can relieve the symptoms of urinary disease, making the patient think that he has recovered from the disease.

But the fact that the disease still exists, making the kidneys increasingly affected and functional decline. Over time, patients will have signs of kidney failure or complications of urinary stones, then they will come to the hospital for examination when the disease is too severe, causing many difficulties for the treatment process later.

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