tanned Marina Yudashkina in a maxi dress appeared with her tiny granddaughter and grandchildren of the fashion designer

Valentin Yudashkin has long become one of the most famous couturiers in Russia. He creates outfits for artists, athletes and other famous people.

Next to the maestro is always his wife Marina, with whom he has been married for over 30 years. The couple raised their daughter Galina, who has already given them grandchildren Anatoly and Arkady.

Until recently, the couple was in their mansion in Moscow. Marina was engaged in a garden and almost every week went out with her husband. And now they are in Hong Kong.

The fact is that their daughter Galina again became a mother. This time her daughter Agatha Ariella was born. She kept her pregnancy a secret for 9 months.

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Now Yudashkin spends time with his grandchildren. This time, his wife, wearing a summer print maxi dress, went for a walk with the kids. She was holding her little granddaughter in her arms.

At the same time, Marina was practically without makeup. The outfit accentuated her tan. She also had her grandchildren with her. The eldest got a fashionable haircut.

“We enjoy the summer and communication with our grandchildren!” – said the couturier’s wife.

Friends and fans noticed that Marina got prettier and younger. Many showered her with compliments.

“Beauty,” wrote Christina Orbakaite. Alla Pugacheva agreed with her. “I understand with all my heart,” admitted Elena Malysheva.

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