Tanya RSiam opens her heart to love Arlo, a Lao millionaire, is a destiny of love across the Mekong.

How did you meet?

Went to an event in Laos and went to travel with Lala and the elders. He went to work too. It’s a party in front of the house. He let me go up to sing. But Arlo didn’t see the mouse. but I have seen him since entering work Saw it and liked it. But I don’t know how to get to know you. All I could do was sip my beer and look back.

So I went to tell the host that mothers, I’m single. Is there anyone who is single? Do you have any suggestions? But we joke as single people. We don’t think that the mother who is the owner of the job whose niece is him. which we look at since entering the event as the same person and walk to hold Arlo’s hand to say let’s get to know each other Then it was very destiny. Then we had to cross the Mekong and after 3 months he crossed the Mekong and followed me (smiles).

Arlo : Come see him at midnight. I saw it and thought it was beautiful (smiles). At first I didn’t know it was Tanya RSiam, I didn’t know who it was. after getting to know Tanya is a lovely person. like that he loves us

before Tanya I will tell you that there is one story that wants to defeat Arlo. and will always argue that We were the ones who flirt with him first. He didn’t flirt with us a lot. Tanya was the one who greeted him first. Add face and video call him that night. After that we video call every night.

And that Tanya loves him because he is clear. same reason And he wants to build the future as well. We want to build the future We each have dysfunctional families. and want to create a complete family But I was puzzled by myself for making a quick decision. I’ve never made a decision so quickly. Become a fan very quickly If you ask me if I’m jealous or not, I’m not jealous because he loves me alone (smiles).

Is Arlo flirting?

I’m usually a traveler. But now it’s stopped The reason why we stop is because we don’t go by ourselves. Tanya never forbids it. Because in each country I don’t know where to go, always call to check.

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