Tear gas ban on demonstrations lifted

The high court assured, according to Blu Radio, that the fifth labor judge of the Bogotá circuit, that banned the use of tear gas in protests while there is a coronavirus emergency, did not take into account the concepts of the Ministries of Health and Interior.

The corporation points out that it is health authorities that must say if it is true that tear gas, usually used by the Public force to disperse protests, they are risky to contract COVID-19.

“It is mandatory to link the Ministry of Health to the action, in order for it to pronounce on the facts narrated in the action and indicate whether or not there is evidence that correlates the use of chemical agents to control protest and the risk of contagion or greater severity of symptoms by COVID-19 “, says the ruling, quoted by Caracol Radio.

For the Superior Court of Bogotá, added Blu Radio, the fact that the Government’s concept was not requested affected the due process of a guardianship.

With the annulment of the initial ruling, the Public Force, which had already ordered the suspension of chemical agents such as pepper gas, smoke grenades and CS, OC chemically charged cartridges, is enabled to use those elements.

The high court studied this protection, after the Administrative Department of the Presidency challenged it.

Now, add RCN Radio, the file will return to the fifth labor court of Bogotá, so that it can study guardianship again, but with the concepts of the Ministries of Health and the Interior.


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