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2023-09-03 00:34:04

The phenomenon of “Ung Ing Fever” flowed with tears. The crowd of fans overwhelmed the concert hall.

It’s called an image that makes the band manager like Joe Yomanil Be shocked and delighted For photos of Phet Ban Phaeng’s concert at Por Kung Phao Pinklao restaurant the other day. Because it’s really a geek image. Fans of “Ung Ing Pet Ban Phaeng”and the people of the group came to see and cheer over the hall Until he posted that

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I got goosebumps!!! Tears streamed down his face as the picture took place. and it arrived today With a mini-concert for a young girl, Petch Ban Phaeng, at Por Kung Phao Pinklao restaurant, the store was full of people. It’s been the biggest thing in my life. I can do it. Girl can do it.

All the time we were on the line Mini for almost 2 months, can be considered another experience in the form of Lam Phloen, entering the pub. I would like to thank fc young girls fans. Every card, every heart

Thank you to the owner of the shop and broker Both outdoor and pub (Pee K, Pee Tut, village chief and gold handed broker in the country). All young girls’ families who have created works together until the last day of the mini-concert at Por Kung Phao Pinklao restaurant are very impressed!!

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