Tec de Monterrey will open its medical school

Directors of the Tecnológico de Monterrey at the central level of the country, decorated the Hidalgo campus to publicize their vision towards 2030, starting with the plan towards 2025, adding to its educational system the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (EMCS), with headquarters in Queretaro.

The vice president of the central-south region and general director of the Querétaro campus, Pascual Alcocer, spoke about the performance of his institution, as well as the growth of the city, which is why it was decided to open the school there.

Photo: Juan de Dios Hernandez

For his part, Dr. Julio Altamirano together with Dr. Rocío Rojo, both research professors at the EMCS of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, in addition to talking about the project’s trajectory, announced the new careers that will be taught: a degree in biosciences, in nutrition and integral well-being, in clinical and health psychology, surgeon and non-dental surgeon.

As well as two postgraduate courses, and all this will be a reality by 2025, which opens up many possibilities for the students, since the main objective of EMCS is to create a health professional that Mexico, Latin America and the world need.

Photo: Juan de Dios Hernandez

By Rocio Rojas

Photography: Juan de Dios Hernandez

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