“Teen’s Cannibalism Delusion: Arrested for Killing Parents and Siblings in Texas”

2023-05-27 17:01:20

Texas ∙ Police have arrested a man who killed his parents and two siblings, believing they were ‘cannibals’ who planned to eat him. 18-year-old Cesar Olalde was arrested in Texas, USA. He killed people including his five-year-old brother.

The police arrived at Olalde’s house after receiving information that a man had threatened to commit suicide after harassing his family members. On reaching there, it was reported that the accused was hiding and his family members were inside. The shocking murder unfolded during the subsequent search.

The police forced the youth who was hiding inside the house to surrender. The police said that he admitted that he shot and killed the family members. The bodies of the accused’s parents, Ruben Olalde and Ida Garcia, elder sister Lisbet Olalde and younger brother Oliver Olalde were found in the bathroom.

“It looked as if the family members were shot dead in various parts of the house and dragged into the bathroom. “There were blood stains in many places in the house,” the police said. The police say that the accused’s explanation is that he killed his family members because they were cannibals.

English Summary: US Teen Kills Parents And Siblings Because “They Were Cannibals”

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