Tei, who is getting married today, the radio live broadcast as well… “I can’t go on my honeymoon” What happened?

2023-05-29 00:35:38

Reporter Maara of Money Today | 2023.05.29 09:35

/Photo = Singer Tei, MBC radio ‘Good Morning FM’ official Instagram

Singer Tei is getting married to a non-celebrity woman he has been dating for six years. She plans to hold a wedding ceremony on the 29th at a golf course in Gyeonggi-do. Her wedding will be held privately, inviting only her close relatives and acquaintances out of consideration for her bride-to-be.

Previously, on the 17th, Tei directly announced the marriage news through his fan cafe, saying, “I met a person I respect and cherish. And now I am going to make a couple’s kite with that person.”

Even on the day of the wedding, Tei attracted attention by hosting a live radio broadcast. On the morning of the same day, on MBC Radio FM4U’s ‘Good Morning FM, I’m Tei’, when asked, ‘Do you have a live broadcast tomorrow?

Regarding the wedding at the golf course, Tei said, “I was looking for an outdoor wedding to do (a small wedding), but when I invited it, word spread. aroused

Meanwhile, Tei debuted in 2004 with the first album ‘The First Journey’ and was greatly loved with the title song ‘Love Leaves a Fragrance’. Since 2012, she has appeared in musicals such as ‘Ludwig: Beethoven the Piano’ and ‘Dracula’.

In 2018, Tei challenged the operation of a handmade burger shop through SBS ‘Alley Restaurant’ and officially opened a handmade burger shop after receiving rave reviews from Baek Jong-won. He has been newly active as a DJ on MBC FM4U’s ‘Good Morning FM’ since the 15th.

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