Telecommuting Efficiency: The Risks of Monitoring Software and Employee Accountability

2023-08-13 13:12:00

Suzie Cheiko is an Australian who had worked for almost twenty years in a company active in the field of insurance. At the end of last year, his company asked him to improve his performance and to do this, software had been installed on his computer to measure the number of keystrokes on the keyboard during his teleworking day.

Unfortunately, Suzie will be fired on February 23 because she was not efficient enough. The ex-employee allegedly confessed to a few colleagues that when her days at work were quiet, she allowed herself to go shopping as LADbible indicates. “I would go shopping from time to time, never all day,” she explains.

He was telecommuting on vacation: grilled by a colleague and fired!

The data collected by the software does not lean at all in its favor, since it indicates that Suzie was 47 days late out of the 49 work days analyzed. In addition, she would have ended her working days rather for 29 days.

Suzie filed a wrongful termination complaint, which was denied.

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