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Teófilo Gutiérrez left Cali, after a year and a half with a title on top, but the finish of his transfer in the sugar bowls was not the best, as the club was embedded in a deep sporting crisis. The striker arranged for him to be released and became a free agent.

In the first weeks of 2023, rumors of a possibility for the attacker to return to Junior began to emerge. On social networks, Gutiérrez himself confirmed his desire to return to where he became an idol. However, the decision of the directors was resounding: there was no possibility for him to return, even leaving economic issues aside.

The market for Teo was not complicated, it was simply a matter of reaching an agreement and making the footballer feel comfortable and happy, as he had announced in previous interviews. Among Unión Magdalena, Bucaramanga and even Nacional, were his destinations. Adding to it that the same player, in statements given to Win Sports, confirmed the interest from Argentina.

According to information from Diego Rueda, the striker made the decision to play this semester with Unión Magdalena “Teófilo Gutiérrez signed a six-month contract with Unión Magdalena.”

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