Terrifying Accident: Self-Driving Car Crushes Resident in Marcinelle

2023-09-13 17:50:29

The accident occurred this Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30 p.m.: a resident returned home and parked in rue de la Douane, in Marcinelle. It seems that his handbrake is causing a problem and the driver leaves his car in gear… Problem: rue de la Douane has a slight slope at this point. And as the resident prepares to return to his house, he sees his car starting to drive on its own!

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She walks towards another parked vehicle.

F. Vanhove

The driver runs after his moving car and manages to open a door. He begins to enter the passenger compartment. He is three-quarters of the way there, only one of his legs protrudes… She will be crushed, stuck between the door and a low wall against which the vehicle finally stops its course!

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The victim’s cries alerted his family and the neighborhood, who called emergency services. The Marcinelle firefighters, under the orders of Warrant Officer Hénin, arrive with the release of people. An ambulance is also chartered: the victim will be transferred to a hospital, with a leg in very poor condition. The local Charleroi police carried out the findings.

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