Terrifying Kidnapping Ordeal in Belgium: Teen Rescued After Four-Hour Abduction

2023-09-27 17:42:00

Jenne, 15 years old and from Merchtem, is not about to forget her evening of September 21. While shopping with friends, the young man saw three men driving in a car. The three thugs got out of the car and asked him for his electric scooter. The teenager refused and that’s when they decided to push him inside the vehicle. Fortunately, the young man managed to alert his father and grandmother by SMS. The police were then immediately notified.

“They went to Asse with my son and hit him several times with a gun during the trip,” says Michael, the young man’s father, in The last news. “At one point, they asked for Jenne’s ID and saw that he was a minor. From that moment on, the mood changed and an argument broke out between the three. Two of them no longer wanted to cooperate and realized that they were clearly talking to the wrong person. »

Finally, the attackers drove him to Molenbeek, where they offered their victim something to eat. A few minutes later, the young man had to get back into the car before being released near Asbeek. In a state of shock, Jenne then started ringing the doorbells of local residents, who immediately notified the police. An investigation was opened by the Halle-Vilvoorde public prosecutor’s office.

The police were finally able to arrest the three men in question, already known to the courts. “You can’t imagine what that does to you as a father,” Michael concludes. “Time passed so slowly. Fortunately, I am receiving a lot of support from my family and friends and it is a relief that the attackers have been arrested.”

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