Terrifying Viral Video: Green Snakes Found Nesting in Trees – Shocking Footage

2023-06-26 04:52:14

Viral clip. The owner of the wind park almost caught it. Zoom in and look at the beautiful trees. The green color is not a leaf, but it is almost used as a nest. It’s terrifying.

June 26, 2023 SAOstar website revealed that not long ago There are TikTok account users in Vietnam. shared a terrifying video clip until it became viral to surprise those who visited quite a bit When the green seen on the tree not just normal leaves but the color of the beast, which is not the only one But it’s called a nest. from the video clips that were published shows that The owner of the garden has taken pictures of the trees planted in the house. See the green on the tree is moving. And when zooming in closer, they were shocked to find that there were more than dozens of green snakes. curled up tightly in the tree And it’s not just one tree, there’s also one next to it, but looking far away, it’s almost invisible and indistinguishable. Because their green color is very close to the color of the leaves.

However, the poster did not specify clearly. What kind of snakes are these snakes, are they poisonous, and how did they end up in that tree? Including how the owner dealt with them after that.

The video gained attention on social media. It has been viewed more than 18.4 million times, many people who saw it were terrifying. Especially people with snake phobia see it and feel so scared that they faint. While few people wonder where all these snakes come from. I don’t understand why there are so many. As if not a tree but a “snake tree”

According to local media reports, Quite a lot of venomous snakes have been found in Vietnam. Generally, about 40-65 centimeters long, the back is green. Sometimes there are faint white stripes all over the body. Such venomous snakes live on the ground. or on trees, using their trunk and tail curled against a branch to catch prey. But most of the time they don’t attack people. but before in many provinces of Vietnam There are reports of people being bitten by venomous snakes and requiring hospital treatment.

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