Tesla has released Cybertruck – a powerful and fast electric pickup for any planet

2023-11-30 22:05:00

Tesla held an event dedicated to the start of deliveries of its electric Cybertruck pickup truck. The head of the company, Elon Musk, solemnly presented the first ten cars to their owners. At the same time, the characteristics of futuristic electric vehicles, as well as their prices, were revealed. They, as expected, differ from those announced during the presentation of the car in 2019.

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The Cybertruck will be available in three configurations. The most affordable, priced at $60,990, will offer rear-wheel drive, 0-96 km/h (60 mph) acceleration in 6.5 seconds, a top speed of 180 km/h and a range of approximately 250 miles (402 km). ). This version will not be available until 2025, but it is already available for pre-order.

And first of all, that is, already in the coming 2024, Tesla will begin to supply more expensive and powerful versions of the pickup truck. The all-wheel drive version of the Cybertruck, priced at $79,990, will offer a pair of engines with a total power of 600 hp, a top speed of 180 km/m and acceleration to 96 km/h in just 4.1 seconds. This version has the largest range – 340 miles or 547 km. Fast charging with a power of up to 250 kW is supported, which adds up to 218 km of range in 15 minutes.

The most powerful version of the Cybertruck for $99,990 received the self-explanatory name Cyberbeast, which can be translated from English as cyberbeast or cybermonster. It will offer three electric motors with a total power of 845 hp. The maximum speed will be 209 km/h, and acceleration to 96 km/m for this “beast” will take only 2.6 seconds. At the presentation, Musk noted that such a Cybertruck is faster than sports cars, and in confirmation showed how the new Tesla overtook the Porsche 911, and at the same time towed another Porsche 911. The range of this version will be 515 km. Here, too, 250 kW charging is supported, adding up to 206 km in 15 minutes.

Tesla highlighted several distinctive features of the Cybertruck during the presentation. Firstly, it is made of stainless steel, which means it should not be subject to corrosion. Tesla also decided not to paint its pickups, so you don’t have to worry about chips and other problems that appear during use, especially when driving off-road, for which the Cybertruck is great, according to the company.

Tesla notes that the Cybertruck is built to be very durable and reliable, and is suitable for driving “on any planet” The car is equipped with an adaptive air suspension with a stroke of up to 30.5 cm and a ground clearance of 43.2 cm. In combination with 20-inch wheels, this ensures high cross-country ability of the car. At the presentation, Tesla showed that the Cybertruck drives well not only on winding roads, but also on rough terrain, and is even capable of fording bodies of water. The Cybertruck is also bulletproof—at least, the car’s doors can withstand a burst from a Thompson submachine gun.

Finally, Tesla notes the Cybertruck’s high payload capacity. After all, this is a pickup truck, and many such vehicles are used for heavy work and transportation of tools and materials. The new product is capable of carrying a weight of up to 1133 kg on its cargo platform – for comparison, the Ford F-150 Lightning is capable of carrying up to 1014 kg. It is also noted that the cargo platform is covered with durable composite material and can accommodate cargo with dimensions up to 242 × 121 cm. The volume of the trunk, closed with a lid, is 1897 liters.

Tesla Cybertruck carries a SpaceX Raptor rocket engine

But what’s even more interesting is that the Cybertruck can act as a tractor. The two older versions are capable of towing a trailer with a total weight of up to 4989.5 kg – this is the average weight of an African elephant! The rear-wheel drive version will be able to tow a load weighing up to 3401 kg.

The spacious interior of the car is designed in a minimalist style. There’s a large 18.5-inch touchscreen up front, while rear passengers have access to a 9.4-inch touchscreen. There are USB-C ports for charging gadgets with a power of up to 65 W, as well as 120/240 V outlets. The sound system consists of 15 speakers, including two subwoofers and amplifiers. They are distributed around the perimeter of the cabin, creating powerful surround sound.

Note that compared to the 2019 announcement, Cybertruck prices have increased and the declared range has decreased. Initially, Tesla planned to sell the pickup truck at a price of $49,990, and the range of the older version was supposed to be 500 miles or about 800 km. The manufacturer kept silent about the exact timing of the start of mass deliveries of the Cybertruck.

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