Tesla Model Y: Is the Vision System Causing Blind Spots? An Honest Review by Hubert and Carine

2023-09-22 20:50:41

Hubert and Carine took the plunge and bought themselves a Tesla Model Y after driving a hybrid car for a few years. “We decided to opt for an all-electric model and after testing a Tesla Model Y in January, we were won over. Your new car will be even better, the salesman told us, because this one still has regular sensors, while the new version has the Vision system. We ordered our car on February 10th and couldn’t wait to pick it up. Even our youngest grandchildren shared this enthusiasm,” he confides to HLN.

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In May, when his car finally arrives, he picks it up and goes home. This is where he discovers the worst: “On the way back, he did not indicate any possible obstacle. I told myself that there was quite a difference with our Mercedes. It wasn’t until I got home and wanted to put it in the garage that the worst happened. The car did not see the white cabinet as an obstacle. Well… “

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You can imagine what happens next… Back to the garage for repairs. In the meantime, he receives a replacement model which clearly indicates all obstacles. “The same model. But the report was random… the car said 50 centimeters remained… or not: 80, or not: 54… When we got our own car back, it turned out that it reacted exactly the same way. »

“It’s to drive me crazy,” laments Carine who prefers to drive another car when she goes shopping. “Estimated distances may be inaccurate,” but this is a significant flaw.

“I really love driving this car, but this is unacceptable.” In the meantime, they had to find a MacGyver-style solution: “I put a red mark on the wall and when I see it opposite on the window, I know I have to stop,” explains Carine.

A Tesla system update is due to happen, but the family is still waiting for it to arrive.

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