Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown repoussé d’un an !

Highly anticipated by players, the return of the Test Drive (Unlimited) series will still have to wait. Indeed, Nacon took advantage of BigBenWeek to announce that Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown would not be released before 2023 on consoles and PC!

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, another year to polish the game.

Since the takeover of the Test Drive license by BigBen in 2016, players have been waiting for a new opus. in 2020 the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown opus has been formalized with Kylotonn at the controls (WRC, FlatOut). Since then, the game has been pretty quiet apart from a small last year teaser. However, the game was supposed to be released this fall on consoles and PC. But, finally, the title is pushed back to a vague 2023. At the same time, Nacon announces that the PS4 and Xbox One versions are canceled. Officially so that the game can “take all the power and possibilities of next gen consoles and not be restricted by the old generation”. At the same time, the Switch version has not been canceled… A surprise therefore for players who have not yet switched to the new generation of consoles.

See you next year to discover, we hope, what Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown developed by KT Racing Games (Kylotonn)!

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