Thai youth fighters win the first round of 4 world championships.

Thai youth fighters win the first round of 4 world championships.

The Thai youth boxer team started the first day of work. Beautiful and luxurious. Win all four of them through to the second round. of the 2022 World Youth Muay Thai Championship in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

World Youth Muay Thai Championship or IFMA Youth World Championship 2022 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, on August 12, is the first day of the tournament, with the host having set up three stages in this competition, as more than 98 nations have sent teams to compete. For the performance of Thai athletes who compete in 4 models, the results are as follows:

Model 48 kg, men aged 16-17, first round, Mahawari Sangke meets Shaud Al Shubaidi from Iraq, in this matchup, Thai fighters walk the opening game from the first round Placing the shins alternately punching punches can do better. Although the Iraqi fighters tried to retaliate, they did not hit the target. Clashed, the tough Thai fighters defeated a decisive score 30-27 and qualified for the next round.

Model 54 kg, male 16-17 years old, first round, Naphat Songmuang defeated by knockout Alexi Torbin from Kazakhstan, round 2, 48 kg model, male 14-15 years old, Thaweechai said because he won E Brest Leadh of India, 30-27 and 51kg class, men aged 16-17, Nathakorn Chinkhun defeated Caua Ribeiro from Brazil in the first round.

Dr. Boonsong Nuanyong, the head coach of the Thai boxing team, revealed that he was satisfied with the overall look of this fight. Received cheers from the youngsters from Narathiwat Province That raised the team to cheer for our athletes to punch very well. Now I still don’t want to hope for much. Let’s fight according to my own standards first. Still hoping for 5 gold coins as before, but I’m not sure if I have the right to break through. I have to look at this round more deeply.

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