Thammanat sends Phichit MPs to the Thap Sai area to find a way to help the people of the lower mango price segment.

Thammanat sends Phichit MPs to the Thap Sai area to find a way to help the people of the low price mango.

On March 28, 2022, Mr. Pornchai Insuk, MP Phichit District 1, Thai Economic Party, together with his delegation visited the area around Bo Lukrang, Thap Sai Subdistrict, Sak Lek District, Phichit Province, to find a way to help mango farmers. that produces until the market is overflowing and cannot be sold at a price Until the buyer goes to sell abroad, sympathizes with farmers to help buy the produce at a price of 1-2 baht per kg, and then throw it away every day. because if sold, not worth the cost came to buy mango from mango farmers who are dumping mangoes, 2 pickup trucks, about 4 tons, which will be distributed to villagers who like to eat mangoes rather than dumping them

Mr. Pornchai Insuk, a member of the Phichit District 1 of the Thai Economic Party, said he had received an order from Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, head of the Thai Economic Party. to go to the area to investigate and find a way to help mango growers who are facing the problem of unsold prices and having to dump them as news After talking with a group of mango farmers and acknowledging the problem, He knew that the real problem was the fruit produced from mangos, Fah Lan, Phet Ban Lat and Kheow Sawoey mangoes. From looking at the mangoes that the villagers discarded, they found that they were edible mangoes, but the price was low. The merchant buys it for 1 baht per kg, but doesn’t know where to sell it. Traders and farmers have to discard them. He sympathized with both the merchants who bought them and the farmers who owned the mango orchards. and is looking for a way to help, which has 2 approaches: the first approach If farmers have their own trucks, they have to sell them to Or Tor Kor Kor. Or Tor Kor Kor. No charge for renting the place in the sale.

The second approach would ask Pol.Khor. Come to pick up the purchase to the farmer’s garden. by increasing the purchase price from the cover, for example The selling price in front of the garden. Kor Kor. 3 baht. May increase another 5 baht to 8 baht. As far as I know today, the Commerce Office, Phichit Province, comes to help buy mangoes that farmers sell. 3 baht per kg. Give another 2 baht to 5 baht and help buy only 5 tons per day, but 100 tons of mangoes are produced per day. It causes the villagers to be unable to live. So he came down to see the root of the problem that actually How much do mango farmers really want the selling price to survive? And he has reported to Capt. Thammanat, the head of the Thai Economic Party to find a way to help the mango farmers in Phichit province urgently.

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