That’s what Ralf Rangnick says about FC Bayern’s interest

Will Ralf Rangnick, who is under contract as team boss with the Austrian Football Association until at least 2025, become FC Bayern coach after EURO 2024? The 65-year-old is considered a top candidate to succeed Thomas Tuchel. The ÖFB, which can expect a transfer fee worth millions in the event of a transfer, recently said that there were “no inquiries” for Rangnick.

In an interview with the online portal “”, Rangnick has now expressed his interest in him: “FC Bayern contacted me,” said the football professor: “I also informed the ÖFB about it. We have a very trusting relationship. My focus is on the Austrian national team. I feel very comfortable here at the moment.

“Do I even want this?”

According to Rangnick, the talks have not yet reached the stage where they are about to be completed: “I’m dealing with it at the moment when Bayern would say: ‘We want you.’ and then I have to ask myself: ‘Do I even want this?'”

When asked whether Rangnick would fulfill his contract with the ÖFB, he evaded: “If I want to do something different, I will first discuss it with the ÖFB.” Financial matters don’t play a role at all: “For me it’s about other things: Can I make a difference? Is there a chance of developing a team and being successful? That’s what drives me. When that no longer drives me, it’s time to retire.”


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