The 10 cheapest electric vehicles of the moment

All those who are thinking of buying a new car should know that there are several interesting options on the market depending on the type of propulsion you are looking for. There are the usual combustion engines, the gas options and those that resort to electrification, either in the form of a hybrid or 100% electric vehicle.. Regarding the latter, one of its main impediments is its range of use, although if we take a look at electric cars with more autonomy of the market we will realize that little by little this problem is being hidden since some models even exceed 700 kilometers. A really interesting figure, but still a bit far from some of diesel cars that consume less of the moment.

Obviously, another of their barriers is the high price they present. The brands are gradually advancing in the development of electric propulsion technology and the costs are beginning to adjust, although slowly. However, since the landing of these models on the market, the evolution experienced is clear and we are already finding some other more affordable model, far from that. the cheapest cars From the market. However, we will agree that the recharging infrastructure is not prepared to deal with the arrival of a large number of models of this type on the streets of our cities, since either the charging stations do not work as they should, or the available ones do not are sufficient to satisfy market requirements.

Due to this, we have decided to make a classification that will be of interest with The 10 most affordable electric cars on the market. Obviously, in this list we will not find large models, since most of them belong to the segments A and B. Despite this, there are very interesting options that promise to give something to talk about in the short-term future, such as, for example, the electric versions of the Opel Corsa y Peugeot 208, without forgetting the only SUV on the list and this type of vehicle could not escape a classification like this. That said, it’s time to learn the identities of these ten battery-powered cars. Will some of them be your next car?

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