The 13th Online Hidden Treasure Game has concluded with great success – 2024-03-17 21:57:34

The 13th Online Hidden Treasure game “Closing the Gate” has been successfully completed.

The Game took place for about a month, from Saturday January 27th and ended on March 6th with a specific theme and story twist and numbered about 230 players across Greece and Abroad.

After last year’s success, the 13th Online Hidden Treasure game re-staffed the program of events and activities of the 2024 Fatherland Carnival with more additions and ideas, giving players an exciting game that kept them “alive” until the end.

The 13th Online Hidden Treasure of the Patron Carnival was addressed to Hidden Treasure players both from Patras and from the rest of Greece as well as from abroad. A natural consequence of its holding is the extension of the promotion of the Hidden Treasure and also of the Fatherland Carnival to all the lengths and breadths of the earth. Due to the rapid development of the networks and through social networking, the Internet Treasure is an important “tool” in the development and promotion of both the traditional game, and in general the Patrinos Carnival.

The game is conducted from the official website of the Patrinos Carnival or from

On Clean Monday there will be 10 prizes for the classic top ten game, as well as a prize for finding a Hidden Treasure.

The game’s prizes will be awarded together with the rest of the prizes of the 59th Hidden Treasure Game and the Fatherland Carnival 2024 at the Prize Giving event at the Old Slaughterhouses.

13th Online Hidden Treasure Game Awards

-General Classification

1. Andreas Papageorgopoulos
2. Lalas Nikos
3. Karalis Kostis
4. Varnavas Giorgos
5. Moschou Ioanna-Georgia
6. George Charisis
7. Iliopoulos Konstantinos
8. Kitsiu Eleni
9. Clura Niki
10. Voutos – Bardalou Panagiotis – Kelly

-13th Internet Hidden Treasure Finder Award

Eleni Kitsiu – Crew 94

The five-member organizing team of the 13th Internet Hidden Treasure Game 2024 was staffed by: Mary Read, Henry Morgan, Barbarossa, Blackbeard – Giannis Foutris, Dimitris Kanellakis, Thearesti Papadopoulou, Giannis Nomikos, Anastasios Papadopoulos.

And the years pass… and we have children and the children grandchildren. And the grandchildren grow up and have children too… Suddenly you wake up and see that it was all a dream… And out of nowhere you find yourself in 2025…
14th Internet Hidden Treasure.. Loading… ???

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