The 36th promotion of “Maisto bankas” begins

As the organization announces, this year the “Maisto bankas” campaign will take place in 74 cities and towns of Lithuania, in 379 stores, and 256 different non-governmental organizations will participate in the campaign.

A record number of more than 7,400 volunteers are joining the “Maisto bankas” campaign this spring. The most requested donation is oil, as well as canned meat or fish.

According to the head of “Maisto bankas” Simons Gurevičius, the situation currently observed by the organization is not encouraging, but the solidarity of the society gives hope. According to him, there are currently 41 food stores established by “Maisto bankas” operating throughout Lithuania, where people can choose the food products they need the most.

“When we opened the doors of the food stores, we noticed that people usually chose rarer food that was saved from being thrown out, which they may not have tasted, at the moment they usually ask for the simplest basic products, one of which is oil, which has become a luxury item for many needy people,” said S. Gurevičius.

According to the head of the organization, as the prices of food and services increase, more and more people are forced to apply for support, but their possibilities are not limitless, so the action of “Maisto bankas” gives hope.

It is estimated that every fifth inhabitant of the country is at risk of poverty in Lithuania, and every seventh admits that they face difficulties in providing themselves with food.

Currently, the charity and support fund “Maisto bankas” supports 232 thousand people living in a more difficult life, almost 40 thousand of them managed to be provided with food products donated during the “Maisto bankas” campaign held in the fall.

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2024-04-13 13:31:42

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