A “rare treasure” was found in Crimea

Russia – Russian archaeologists found rare gold jewelry, including a necklace, earrings and pendants bearing the image of the legendary Medusa the Gorgon (the Greek woman with the serpentine head), in the Crimean Peninsula.

This happened during excavations conducted in the “Kiz Uul” hill near the city of Kerch in the Crimean Peninsula.

A spokesman for the Russian Archeology Foundation told reporters that the gold jewelry was found by volunteers while clearing one of the ancient crypts in the Kyz-Ul cemetery near the town of Yakovenkovo ​​on the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea. The jewelry set consists of a segmented gold necklace, a gold earring in the shape of a lion biting its tail, and a large gold pendant bearing the image of Medusa the Gorgon.”

The spokesman cited the opinion of Oleg Markov, director of the restoration department at the Antiquities Foundation, who pointed out that the image of Medusa the Gorgon was widespread among the Roman military aristocracy.

It is known that the image of the gargoyle Medusa was even placed on the armor of Roman emperors such as Trajan, Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius. It seems that the image of her head was supposed to protect the owner of this masterpiece.

It is noteworthy that all the artifacts discovered during the excavations were transferred to the East Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum in Kerch.

The Kyz-Aul Tomb is a two-tiered monument, where military leaders of ancient and medieval times were buried.

Source: TASS

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2024-04-13 13:33:25

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