The 4 Most Polluted Olive Oils to Avoid at All Costs – Expert Recommendations from 60 Million Consumers

2023-11-29 08:58:34

© – The 4 most polluted olive oils to avoid at all costs according to 60 million consumers

Olive oil logically finds its place in French cuisine. Indeed, in addition to its delicious flavor, it provides many health benefits. Its success is therefore not an anomaly. But are all olive oils really that good?

Experts from 60 million consumers want to know for certain. And finally, they tell us that certain references are polluted. Therefore, they strongly advise you not to buy them.

Olive oil: a beneficial product for health #

The benefits of olive oil are so numerous that it is impossible to list them all. But we can, despite everything, take an overview. It is beneficial for the heart thanks to its richness in monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid.

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These are fatty acids which are very beneficial for health. In fact, they help reduce bad cholesterol levels. while increasing the level of good cholesterol. Olive oil helps you reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore, we can talk about the anti-inflammatory action of olive oil. Its compounds help you reduce inflammation in the body. Enough to make you feel healthier.

And if you are worried that you might one day be affected by cancer, then start consuming olive oil now. Indeed, among its components, some have protective effects against kidney cancer, skin cancer and even colorectal cancer.

A study on olive oil which announces bad news #

Since olive oil is enjoying massive success, experts from 60 million consumers decided to conduct their investigation. To do this, they analyze 24 references and provide the conclusions in a special file, “ Olive oil: Half of the references downgraded! ».

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The title sets the tone. And for good reason, we learn that certain brands are not good for your health. But which ones, and why?

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“Twenty-three of the references we tested contain between one and three plasticizers. This is mainly di-isononyl phthalate (DINP), closely followed by diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) classified as a proven endocrine disruptor and toxic for reproduction by the European Chemicals Agency, then by dibutyl phthalate (DBP) “.

First of all, experts advise against Terra Delyssa olive huile. Its composition contains the two most problematic phthalates (DEHP and DBP). Likewise, you should avoid the product of Clear Lifedue to the presence of plasticizers.

Cauvin Organic oil must also avoid your kitchen due to endocrine disruptors. same for me Naturalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Make the right choice #

These plasticizers found in certain olive oils are harmful to your health. They disrupt the proper functioning of our cells and organs.

On the other hand, if the experts point out certain references, they do not forget to congratulate the best ones. Or rather the best in this case.

It is the brand Primadonna, which can be found at Lidl. Experts give it a score of 16 out of 20. And for good reason. In fact, from the study, it is the only one that does not contain any pollutants.

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