The Advantages of Air Conditioning: Economic, Comfortable, and Eco-Friendly

2023-08-04 09:45:00

Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2023 at 10:45 a.m.

Everyone knows air conditioning as a great device to keep you cooler in the summer. But in reality, these facilities have many other advantages, including economic and comfort. A professional refrigeration specialist explains to us.

It is still very hot this Sunday, June 25. Outside temperatures hover around 30 degrees, and in some interiors, the heat is unbearable. Many are flocking to mobile air coolers, which can be found in traditional DIY stores, Brico or Hubo style.

But so-called “split” air conditioning units have also been on the rise in recent weeks. These models are made up of one or more indoor units and an outdoor unit. Many customers call on professionals to equip their living rooms with these very comfortable facilities on these very hot days. “For a good month, I would say that I have been producing around 20-25 estimates per week, in addition to installations and repairs”, confides Thibault De Ceuninck, independent refrigeration specialist, “most often, it is for the stay and the bedrooms, to enjoy a cool interior and a breathable night’s sleep”. But this air conditioning/heat pump system is, according to professionals, a real good investment in the long term, and for all seasons.

An economic alternative in the face of soaring prices

This winter, energy prices have completely skyrocketed. Gas heating has become a real luxury, which has hurt many families financially. The price of electricity has also risen sharply at the level of variable contracts. And when it comes to fuel oil, it also practically doubled. It is therefore difficult today to choose the most economical option.

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Depending on the insulation of the house, the surface to be heated, the outside temperatures… air-to-air heat pump systems cannot compete with everything. But this winter, their low electricity consumption proved to be very competitive with other means of heating one’s interior. “It’s like for everything, you shouldn’t hesitate to compare”, expresses Thibault, “The performance of the installation will depend on many factors, such as use, model, brand, energy performance…”.

To put a title of comparison, in general, a heat pump consumes three to four times less than a system of electric radiators, “and this even in the worst conditions”, says the refrigeration specialist. The installation price is obviously higher, but in the long term, the heat pump allows you to make significant savings.

An option to adapt to new laws

By 2025, the installation of oil-fired boilers will be prohibited for new constructions in Wallonia. In Flanders, this has already been the case since January 1, 2023. There will therefore only be the option of gas and electricity to heat your home. At the same time, a new law on photovoltaic panels is coming, and it will no longer be advantageous to reject surplus production on the grid. “Today, three quarters of my customers have a solar panel installation and they are investing in an air-conditioning system or an air-to-water heat pump, because it is beneficial for them and they will not lose their excess production of electricity. electricity,” says Thibault.

The ecological aspect of air conditioning is often questioned, and sometimes appears to be incompatible with green energies, such as solar energy. But the components used have evolved and now the refrigerant contained for cooling use is much less polluting. “And if the installation is properly maintained, we can completely avoid refrigerant leaks, and therefore pose no risk to the environment,” continues the refrigeration specialist. But except in the event of a leak, heat pump systems do not release any pollutants into the atmosphere, “It only consumes electricity”.

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