The age difference between Khaled Miqdad and his wife was unexpected and shocked all viewers of the Birds of Paradise channels!! get to know him

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The star of the Birds of Paradise channel and YouTuber Al-Mu’tasim Billah Miqdad, known as Asoumi, revealed the age difference between his parents Khaled Miqdad and Marwa Hammad.

He said that the difference is approximately 9 years, according to what he said in an audio clip that was spread on YouTube, and he answered a question if he will attend a big wedding when he gets married, to say that this matter for him is a secondary matter, but he understands that girls prefer that.

On the other hand, the star of the “Birds of Paradise” channel and YouTuber Al-Walid Miqdad posted a video of him with his wife, Nour Ghassan, on their own YouTube channel, through which Al-Walid documented their trip to one of the snow-covered mountains of Turkey, where they enjoyed recreational activities.

What is remarkable is that Nour Ghassan is preparing this for her first time seeing snow in front of her, according to what her husband revealed.

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