The Althing: The authorities’ handling of the pandemic will be a matter of control

– Now it will be a matter of control, and the control committee must assess the broad handling of the corona pandemic, says Venstre’s member of the control committee, Grunde Almeland, to Everything.

Earlier on Thursday, Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol, on behalf of the government, acknowledged that children and vulnerable groups were too badly affected by the corona measures. She did so during an account of corona handling in the Storting.

Shortly after the presentation, it became clear that the Presidency of the Storting sent the matter to the control committee.

Almeland points out that the decisions during the corona pandemic were made by health bureaucrats, and not by the Storting, which he believes they should have been.

– We also see that a great many of the cases received a touch of urgent treatment, and that there was not sufficiently good grounding for that reason. I think we should look at that more thoroughly and get good assessments of it, so that we are better placed in a new situation, he says.

Almeland is particularly concerned with how the pandemic measures affected children and young people.

– The consequences that children and young people have had to bear after this pandemic are far too great, and we also need a thorough debate about that.

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2024-04-19 10:08:34

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