The governing parties agree with the right about the quota announcement – SV reacts

The quota report deals with the organization of the fishing industry and fishing quotas in Norway and was presented on 12 January. The fishing quotas determine, among other things, which boats are allowed to fish, as well as what, when and where they are allowed to fish.

Negotiations have now taken place in the Storting. While SV, Rødt and MDG wanted greater redistribution to the smaller boats, the parties on the right have been opposed to taking quotas from the largest.

Now the Labor Party and the Center Party have agreed with the parties on the right.

– Unbelievable

It is “unbelievable”, says SV deputy leader Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes. The government is breaking the promises they made in the Hurdal platform, he believes.

– They said they should reverse the development, reverse centralisation, and that the right to fish should end up in fewer hands. It is not to be believed that they are opting for more centralization and that the right to fish will end up in fewer and fewer hands, he says.

Fylkesnes has previously warned the government against moving to the right, and said it could have consequences for the cooperation with SV.

– This case is more important for SV than it is for the Center Party and the Labor Party. I think they know that too. It also means that we prioritize accordingly. So not meeting on a matter that is so important to us will obviously have consequences for the collaboration, Fylkesnes told The class struggle i mars.

Red “put in the hallway”

Rødt responded on Thursday that Ap and Sp would not negotiate further with them.

– Red has not issued an ultimatum and closed the door, but has been constructive and open to further discussion. That is why I am surprised and disappointed that the government seems to want to put us at odds in this case, said Geir Jørgensen, fisheries policy spokesperson in Rødt.

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2024-04-19 10:10:29

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