The announcement of ELAS about the arrest of a fan in Thessaloniki 2024-02-22 00:16:33

According to the official statement from the police:

“The thorough investigation by police officers of the Directorate for Combating Violence in Sports Venues of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate, as well as the use of the evidence obtained from the video material from the closed circuit surveillance of the stadium, led to the identification and arrest of a person who set off two firecrackers and throwing one of them inside the playing area during a football match on 02-18-2024.

This is a 23-year-old citizen, against whom a case file was filed for violation of the Law on flares and sports legislation.

The arrested person will be taken to the competent Prosecutor.”

It is recalled that the Joint Ministerial Decision “Specification of issues regarding the operation of the special electronic platform “Platform for identification of sports ticket holders”” (Government Gazette B’ 1120/2024) was delivered on Friday (16/2) to the presidents of the Super League and Basket League.

In it, the identification procedure of electronic ticket holders for their entrance to the stadiums is determined. Users of the sports ticket holder identification platform are adults who wish to issue a ticket for themselves or their minor children to attend a sports meeting and minors who have reached the age of 15.

In order to use the platform, adults must have personal codes – G.G.P.S.P.S.D. credentials. (taxisnet) and have a mobile phone registered with EMEp. Then they enter the platform after being authenticated.

The interested spectator reserves his ticket from the ticketing service provider contracted by the Sports Corporation Anonymi (A.A.E.) and pays the required price and then enters the platform of article 1, after authentication of him, in order to identify his reservation details and complete the issuance of his ticket.

The platform is updated with the sports meeting details and ticket booking details from the ticketing service provider’s system.

To identify the details of his reservation, the natural person, after entering the platform, enters the unique ticket code written on it.

After completing the above procedure, the natural person can save the personalized ticket in the application for a period of time until the next competition period (season).

The platform is updated through interoperability with the Central Electronic Ticket System and in the event that the natural person is included in the list of natural persons who are prohibited from entering sports facilities, the procedure herein is not completed and the ticket is not entered into the wallet application .

The same procedure described here is also followed both for season tickets and for the invitations available to the fans of the respective PAE.

Individuals who already hold a valid season ticket carry out the identification process here once and keep their ticket in the wallet application for use at every sports meeting.

Season tickets can also be transferred through the wallet application, in accordance with the policy and conditions of the respective PAE.

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