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The “Argentine Usain Bolt”: the moment in which Franco Florio broke the 100-meter dash record after 23 years

by archyde
Argentine athlete Franco Florio set a new national record in 100 meters in the South American in Brazil

The Argentine athletics has his “new Usain Bolt. It is that the Buenos Aires sprinter Franco Florio managed to break a record in the 100 metros plains that for 23 years He was not surpassed by any athlete from our country.

The young man Florio became the Argentine fastest in history by overcoming the national record in the South American Championship for under 23 years old which takes place in the city of Rattlesnake, Brazil.

with a time of 10s11, Florio stayed with him second place and with the silver medal crossing the finish line behind the Brazilian Erik Felipe Barbosa Cardoso (10s08), defender of the title, while the bronze medal went to the Colombian Ronald Longa (10s30).

The feat of the man born in the Federal Capital was celebrated by the entire Argentine athletics community, since a record was broken more than two decades that their compatriots had Carlos Gats (10.23 in 1998) y Gabriel Simon (1999).

Franco Florio broke a new Argentine record in the 100 meters and made history in national athletics

“I am very excited, I feel that it is a reward for all the work I have done in these months. I had a good experience of tournaments with important sprinters in Europe, after the Iberoamerican, it helped me to continue learning. And in recent weeks I have prepared myself especially for this South American and for the next Odesur Games of Assumptionwhich will be the finishing touch for the season”, he expressed Florio after the competition.

The record sprinter amplified his joy after breaking the national mark: “It is a pride that good sprinters are appearing after so much time. Perhaps, at some point, we can once again have a 4×100 meter relay in a World Cup or in the Olympic Games, it would be a very important joint effort”.

The repercussions on social networks after the national record in 100 metros of Franco Florio They didn’t take long to appear. “The athlete from Club Quirón, trained by Javier Morillas, has just made history by marking 10.11 seconds in the South American championship, which takes place in Brazil,” the account wrote. Argentine Athletics.

Franco Florio He became national champion three times and also won bronze medals in the Ibero-American, South American Indoor and Pan-American Games U23 tournaments.

To this day, his personal best in the 100 metros It was from 10s24which he achieved on December 18, 2020 in Rosario

As additional information, Florio He was also a member of the Argentine rugby team, Cougars 7 and played for the team Belgrano Athletic Club.


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