the ARS advises against eating eggs from domestic chicken coops

2023-04-19 20:24:00

The Ile-de-France regional health agency has warned of “contamination” with “persistent organic pollutants” throughout the region.

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L’regional health agency (ARS) of Île-de-France recommended Wednesday not to consume eggs and “animal products of uncontrolled domestic production”, throughout the region, because of “contamination to “persistent organic pollutants”.

“The regular consumption of food contaminated with dioxins and PCBs leads to a gradual impregnation of the body which can have long-term health effects,” said the ARS in a press release.

The agency carried out a regional study of the “contents of persistent organic pollutants” in the eggs of 25 domestic chicken coops in the Ile-de-France region, after an “alert on the concentration of dioxins in non-marketed eggs” from chicken coops located near the waste incinerator from Ivry-sur-Seine.

Fourteen of the chicken coops analyzed are located near the three main incinerators in the Paris region (Ivry-sur-Seine, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Saint-Ouen), specifies the ARS.

“Increased” risk of cancer

The results of this study “show contamination of all the samples by the three families of persistent organic pollutants analyzed (dioxins, furans and PCBs)”, indicates the press release.

This means that these pollutants are present “in the entire urban environment, and not specifically around incinerators”, warns the ARS.

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The agency points out that of the 25 henhouses analyzed, “two have particularly high levels” of PCBs in eggs, exceeding by 40 to 50 times “the European regulatory thresholds for marketed eggs”. These two sites are located more than 3 kilometers from an incinerator, adds the ARS.

Among the health risks associated with the consumption of these products, the ARS identifies an “increased” risk of cancer, “fertility and pregnancy disorders”, as well as diabetes and “endocrine disrupting effects”. .

“There is no treatment to eliminate these substances from the body”, she warns, specifying that the “main measure of prevention” was to avoid “the consumption of the most contaminated food products”.

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