The atypical honeymoon of Jordi Alba and Romarey Ventura

seven years after meeting Jordi Alba y romarey ventura They put the finishing touch to their love. The wedding took place on June 18, however, they have not yet had their dream honeymoon, since they have only made an express trip. Until very recently, newlyweds vacationed with other friends in Formentera, where they have rented a boat with their children. This is undoubtedly an unusual honeymoon and it is that far from a trip just for them out of our country for two weeks, the soccer player and the model have moved to a Spanish island, where they are sailing the seas. Relaxed, while playing with the little ones and taking the opportunity to take more than one dip, the truth is that the couple is not having a bad time at all. Everything indicates that they are going to postpone the two weeks for later and that now they do not plan to organize something big and, proof of this, the images that we offer you below.

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