The Best Pastry Chef: Meet LMP Cyril Lignac and Mercotte

2023-09-11 20:00:00

Kick-off of the new season of Best Pastry Chef. This year, two Belgians are part of the adventure: we met them, they are Clemency et Emily

For this first week, the candidates revisited the waffle or the candy apple. And one of the pastry chefs had created a magnificent manicure for the occasion in the colors of the Best Pastry Chef. Cream, LMP 12 and his portrait indeed adorn his nails.

When Mercotte and Cyril Lignac appear in front of her kitchen, the beautician is disturbed and launches into explanations of her revisit, without having been asked.

She is quickly interrupted by Cyril: “That wasn’t my question, I wanted to know how things were going”he says.

“A little stressed”, recognizes Lilou. She explains that she is a beautician: “I’m very good at beauty treatments. In fact, I did small LMP nails”she said, showing her manicure.


“And Mercotte, where is she, didn’t you put her in Mercotte?”Cyril asks him. “Next week”she promises the jurors, apparently surprised.

They fear that the candidate will not have time to make the ambitious cake she has planned: the candy apple revisited in Saint-Honoré. For Lilou, it’s about proving that she is as good at baking as she is at nail art.

Unfortunately, at the end of this first broadcast, Lilou and Richard were both eliminated, and sent to Mercotte’s secret kitchen where they will be offered one last chance.

The Best Pastry Chef LMP Cyril Lignac mercotte
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