The Bond of Love January 28: Dramatic! Mama Rosa’s life was saved, after Al snapped Irvan in the middle of the road

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Drama Love Bond 28 January 2022 will be back on air tonight only on RCTI.

Love Bond will be broadcast on the small screen at 19.45 WIB if there is no change in broadcast hours.

Condition Mama Rosa worrying because of Irvan made Aldebaran restless.

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Irvan intentionally harm Mama Rosa to take revenge on the Aldebaran family.

On the other hand, Irvan seems to have misunderstood the Pondok Pelita family by accusing Mama Rosa.

Not long after Aldebaran intercepted Irvan who fled after launching the action, the police came.

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The officers immediately grabbed Irvan to the police station. Aldebaran immediately ran to the rescue Mama Rosa who is in danger.

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