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In March 2023, a new edition of the popular The Box Challenge competition will hit viewers’ screens. In this reality, a total of 32 participants will face a series of physical and mental tests, and that will determine who will be the next ‘Superhuman’. This acclaimed program, in Colombia, will feature a diversity of contenders with different physical abilities —both men and women— prepared to face this challenge. To find out more details about the broadcast, including the start date, schedule, contestant list, and much more, you can review the following paragraphs.

All the competitors —who come from various regions of the country, which will undoubtedly further enrich the dynamics and the contests— will immerse themselves in the “City of Boxes”, where they will demonstrate their abilities to establish themselves as the winners of the challenging challenge. In this edition, the teams will not be divided by geographical regions, but by Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Omega categories, which promises to add a new dimension to the dynamics of reality.

When and what time does The Box Challenge 2023 start?

The Box 2023 Challenge will begin this Wednesday, March 22 at 8:00 p.m. The program, which has been carried out in Colombia for 19 years, will come with several novelties. “We will see new tests, new challenges and we will learn more about the wonders of this place (The city of boxes), something that we could not do before because of the bubble that we created.”, says Estaban Sampedro, vice president of entertainment at Caracol TV.

Where to watch The Box Challenge 2023 LIVE?

The great launch of the competition program Desafío The Box 2023 can be seen LIVE, LIVE and ONLINE through the Caracol TV signal and through its Caracol Play application. Likewise, you will be able to follow all the details of the transmission and incidents by Depor. “Endurance, strength and dedication”, are some of the many qualities that characterize the contenders this season.

Meet the participants of The Box Challenge 2023

  • JP, He is a 28-year-old rancher, originally from Cali.
  • Oscar Kaboom Rivasa former national boxing champion who participated in the 2007 Pan American Games and will compete in the program at age 35.
  • Margoth Salazar, an architect, designer, fitness model and personal trainer. She joins the group of participants with 30 years.
  • Alejandra Padillaalso known as Mai, is a 26-year-old high-performance athlete from Cali.
  • Daniela Taborda, model, LGBTIQ+ activist and student of Social Communication and Journalism. She is 26 years old and will participate in the program.
  • Federico Orjuelabetter known as “Felino”, is a Transmilenio driver and at the age of 34 joins the participants.
  • Alejandra Martinezmodel, motorcyclist and environmental administrator, 24 years old.
  • Maria Paz Ruiza 21-year-old trainee dentist and model.
  • Camilo Bogdanactor, athlete and tiktoker, at 29 years old, is another of the contestants.
  • Sara Cifuentesa 30-year-old crossfit athlete, will compete on the show.
  • Byron Riveros25-year-old social communicator and journalist, will also be part of the competition.
  • Alexander Calderonan adventure running athlete nicknamed “Sensei,” aged 35, will also compete on the show.
  • Marian Gomeza 27-year-old personal trainer and crossfit athlete, is another of the participants.
  • Rafael Yanceknown as “Rapelo” and children’s skating coach, is 26 years old and joins the group of participants.
  • Juliana Tovara 22-year-old fitness athlete, will also be part of the program.
  • Ricky Rodrígueza 27-year-old artisan baker, will compete in the competition.
  • alfredo martineza 28-year-old sports administrator, joins the list of participants.
  • Valeria Restrepo Riosa 24-year-old actress and model from Guajira, will also compete in the program.
  • Douglas MacArthur Buenoa 29-year-old community leader, financial administrator, and administration and project management specialist, is another contender.
  • Escudero, singer and second voice of the artist Maluma. She is 32 years old and will compete on the show.
  • kate lopez29-year-old model and business administrator.
  • johana gomez25-year-old microentrepreneur and model from Antioquia.
  • Yan25-year-old Nasa native.
  • ivan gutierreza 28-year-old actor, is another of the contestants who will join the program.
  • Kelly Riosalso known as “Guajira”, is a 29-year-old athlete, dancer and lawyer.
  • Katerine Lopez Hincapie, 29 years old, from Carepa, Antioquia. She is a businesswoman.
  • Damage Carolina Abbey, is 27 years old and is from Quibdó, Chocó. He is an exporter.
  • Jorge Ivan Gutierrez, is 28 years old, and is from Campoalegre, Huila. He is an actor.
  • Franklin Erney Reyes, He is 26 years old and is from Puerto Asís, Putumayo. He is a personal instructor.

Andrea Serna and Gabriela Tafur lead The Box Challenge

The Box Challenge has been characterized for being, over the years, one of the programs with the highest audience on Colombian television. In this edition, the reality show has Andrea Serna as the main presenter, and with a lot of experience in this show, and Gabriela Tafur as host, who will also be in charge of delivering the bad news to the participants.

What is The Box Challenge prize?

In this new season of Desafío The Box 2023, a man and a woman will be awarded, and 1,400 million pesos will be distributed in prizes. But, even if they win the money, the participants will have to pay rent to live in the houses where they will stay. To stay in the houses and eliminate the other competitors, they must win the tests. These are divided into several categories, including “Sentence and Starvation Challenge”, “Sentence and Services Challenge”, “Sentence and Welfare Challenge” and “Sentence, Reward and Punishment Challenge”.


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