The boy betrayed his father in court for “running a red light and speeding”.

The boy’s court betrayed his father for “running a red light and speeding”, and the Internet laughed: accidentally injured a friend. (The picture is taken from TikTok/assetsinvesting, synthesized by this newspaper.)

2022/06/26 21:38

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Judge Frank Caprio, 84, of Rhode Island, USA, became popular on the Internet because of his warm and interesting interrogation style. He recently interrogated a driver who was suspected of running a red light. Inadvertently “selling out” his father in court made everyone in the room laugh. The video attracted more than 830,000 viewers and caused heated discussions among netizens.

A few days ago, a video of Caprio interrogating a driver who ran a red light was circulated on TikTok. Caprio first played the video of the driver running a red light in court, and then when he was preparing for the court trial, he happened to hear the driver’s son laughing at his own. The father, so he asked the boy, “Did he (daddy) run a red light?” Unexpectedly, the boy replied, “He ran a red light again today”, and unintentionally betrayed his father and let Caprio and his presence there Everyone laughed.

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Caprio then asked the boy, “Then is he speeding?” The boy immediately replied with a smile, “Yes.” Tong Yan Tongyu laughed again at everyone at the scene, and the driver saw his son actually Having “sold” himself, he could only reluctantly close his eyes and shake his head, in stark contrast to his son’s innocent appearance.

After the video was exposed, it attracted more than 830,000 views, and netizens were also amused by the boy’s behavior of “selling out his teammates”. You’ll know when the boy comes home.”

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The boy (front) confessed in court, but “betrayed” his father and ran a red light that day. (Picture taken from TikTok/assetsinvesting)

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