The cheapest Aldi novelties for your home in autumn

Aldi opened its doors in Spain several decades ago, and since then, it has experienced a great expansion throughout our territory. The German franchise already has more than 260 supermarkets in our country, most of them located in the majority of the capitals of Spanish provinces. A success that has been built on the basis of knowing its customers well and offering in its stores all those products that can be useful in their daily lives.

Every customer wants their home to have everything they need to be able to live in the best possible living conditions, and if this is not the case, you can find what you need at any of the supermarkets Aldi. In which, once again, the German franchise has proposed to arm wrestle Ikea or Leroy Merlin with the products of household items that is promoting during this month of September.

The best products for your home from Aldi vs IKEA

Although it is true that the Swedish multinational Ikea is considered the benchmark franchise in everything related to the home and its corresponding decoration, in other supermarket chains, with a more general commercial nature, such as Aldi, you can normally find certain items that they have little to envy which you can find in any of the Scandinavian company’s stores.

The best products for the home are at Aldi

We are entering autumn, so the months will be increasingly cold and rainy, and will invite us to spend more time in our homes. So, if you haven’t prepared yet, Aldi offers you the perfect opportunity for renew all those parts of your home that are old or defective, with the scandal prices you have during this month of September for the following products:

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Aldi HOME CREATION Kitchen Faucet

The summer has been one of the driest in recent decades, the reservoirs are at their lowest levels and the price of water will be at its highest in the coming months. With this kitchen faucet HOME CREATIONyou will save every drop of water, thanks to its ´Eco Click´ function for reduced water consumption.

HOME CREATION kitchen faucet available in 3 models
HOME CREATION kitchen faucet available in 3 models

A product that is available in of the models different: with removable hose or with a round chrome-plated tap. Both models are very easy to install, and even have a 5 year warranty by Aldi. You can get any of them for 24,99 euros.

Quigg Rechargeable Tile & Floor Cleaner Brush

As we spend more time in our home, they tend to appear stains or dirt in the most unexpected places. Aldi has the solution to put an end to them, that’s why he has put the Quigg rechargeable cleaning brush in its new catalog for the month of September.

Quigg Rechargeable Cleansing Brush with Interchangeable Heads
Quigg Rechargeable Cleansing Brush with Interchangeable Heads

An apparatus that through its multiple interchangeable heads It will fight and remove the most embedded dirt, no matter the material or the place where it is located. To make your cleaning tasks easier, it has a built-in 2200mAh batterywith a maximum autonomy of use of about 90 min. A product that you can find at a price of 27,99 euros at any Aldi store.

HOME CREATION invisible shelf for the bedroom or living room

In most current homes, there is usually a common problem, such as lack of space. To solve this problem, Aldi offers you a solution that combines design and functionalitywith these invisible shelves of the HOME CREATION brand, on which you can place your favorite books, memories or photos in a comfortable and decorative way.

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Invisible bookcase HOME CREATION by Aldi
Invisible bookcase HOME CREATION by Aldi

It is pack of 3 units has dimensions of 13 x 16 x 6 cm each, with a maximum load capacity of about 12 kg. With it comes the fastening material that will help you to mount it easily. This pack of 3 is priced at 8,99 euros.

HOME CREATION storage chest at home or in the garden

The storage chest HOME CREATION It is the perfect combination between design and functionality. On it you can sit as you store blankets or board games for cold winter evenings. A piece of furniture that has been designed with a velvety upholstery with padded seatand which has dimensions of 78 x 38 x 38 cm. This chest from Aldi is capable of withstanding a maximum load of 110 kg, and it is that it also has a lid with a divisible opening that will make it easier for you to open its lower part. Is available in three colors: black, white or gray; for a price of 21,99 euros.

HOME CREATION storage chest with divisible opening
HOME CREATION storage chest with divisible opening

During this month of September you find yourself before a rare opportunityl to make a small renovation in your home, prepare it to be the most comfortable and cozy ahead of this coming winter thanks to the magnificent offers that the German supermarket chain Aldi offers in its new catalog.

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