The Cikusa twins from Bordeaux dazzle with the youth team

Djorde and Petar Cikusa, with the trophies won in Ankara in the victory of the team

«Pere! George! Come on, it’s late and we’re all leaving! ‘ The first team of the Bordils has finished his match of Silver Honor Division and the players stay in the White-and-green to make it crack and make the touch. Stairs up and stairs down, now on the bench, now on the goal, but always with a handball in his hands, two quarterbacks of the planter do not stand still. “They were like in Zipi in a zape. They did not stand still. We had to turn off the lights, because we were going home, ”he recalls Pau Campos, former first team coach. They were the twins Petar i George Cicus, players from the youth team and known in the village as Pere and Jordi. Those dwarfs, who grew up in the guts of the Blanc-i-verd, are now 16 years old, and fifteen days ago they were two of the great protagonists of the victory of the Spanish youth team in the Mediterranean Championship disputed a Turkey. They left Bordils three years ago, captured by the Barçato go and live in La Masia and continue a homeless projection, as was clear in the championship where Petar, an ambidextrous winger, was included in the top seven and Djorde, a left-back or center-back, was named second-best winger in the tournament. And that they have just turned 16 and are competing against players who have already turned 18.

The Cikusa gene is not new to handball. In fact, if they are from Girona, it’s because their father, Zoran, signed for Bordils in 2004 and, once retired, stayed to work and live there. Zoran Cikusa has a long career in Silver and National League abroad (Gijón, malagon, Torrelavega, Guimaraes, Dinamo Zagreb…). The father did not want to miss the Mediterranean and went to Ankara watching it live. “Some of my ex-teammates tell me they play a bit like me, but they’re better … It’s normal for them to end up better,” he says, assuming it. The father was a coordinator and coach in Bordils for many years and passed on his passion for handball to his children. “He arrived at the pavilion at 5 o’clock and left at 10 o’clock, with them behind him,” explains the father, who reveals that “like all children, in the middle of the first team matches, they jumped on the court to make throws.”

The Cikusa twins immediately made it to the Blanc-i-verd and this meant that Barça, who had been chasing them for a long time, integrated them into their squad at the age of 13. As they have Spanish, Serbian and Croatian nationality, they could have chosen a national team. “They are from Bordils. They have friends here, in Celrà, Girona and now also in BarcelonaSays the father. The Cikusa lineage, then, has rope for a while. For the time being, they have left their mark on the Mediterranean Championship, where they were also the top scorers for the Spanish national team. They will have an appointment next August atEuropean of the category of Montenegro.

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