The City star almost caught Gerrard.. These are the most prominent “fatal” mistakes in football

Gerrard’s heartbreak after the famous foul on Chelsea (Simon Stack Paul/Getty)

The Portuguese star Joao CanceloManchester City defender from the fate of former Liverpool club legend, Steven Gerrard, after he almost gifted his host Leeds United a free goal in the confrontation that brought them together, Saturday, in the (35) week competitions in English Premier League Premier Soccer.

And Cancelo failed to deal with the ball well, which made one of the Leeds United stars snatch it from him, but he could not repeat what Demba Ba did, the former Chelsea striker, who made Steven Gerrard, the legend of Liverpool, regret his reaction.

The fatal mistake of Steven Gerrard, the former captain of Liverpool club, is one of the most prominent milestones in the history of football, because he eliminated the dreams of the “Reds” to achieve the English Premier League title in the 2013/2014 season.

In the following report, we review the most famous of those fatal mistakes that cost their perpetrators a very high price, and Cancelo almost paid him from the pocket of Manchester City on Saturday. Many of these include:

  • Baggio and the famous penalty kick

Steven Gerrard’s “killer” mistake was not the only one in the world of football, after he was preceded by the “legends” of the round witch, led by Roberto Baggio, the Italy striker, who failed to take the famous penalty kick in the 1994 World Cup final, which gave the title to Brazil.

  • Iguaín’s “fatal” mistakes

The Argentine star, Gonzalo Iguaín, surprised all sports fans, after he missed the “tango” dancers the opportunity to win the 2014 World Cup, after he missed a number of dangerous opportunities in front of German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, due to the “fatal” mistakes he made.

  • goalkeeper Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn is one of the most prominent goalkeepers legends who have passed through the history of football, but his fatal mistake in the final match in the 2002 World Cup cost Germany the opportunity to compete for the international title, and gave Brazil the title because of what he did.

  • The famous Zidane was sent off

Zinedine Zidane made one of the biggest mistakes in his professional career, after he got the red paper in the final match against Italy, because of the attack on defender Marco Materazzi, which made France pay a tax for what his captain did, and lose the chance to win the 2006 World Cup.

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