Weapons of war and in a truck without patent: Video reveals details of how the attack in Los Alamos was | National

Through a public statement, the Resistance Mapuche Lavkenche (RML) claimed responsibility for these events.

A video from a security camera showed details of the actions of the members of the Mapuche Lavkenche Resistance in the arson attacks that occurred in Los Álamos last Thursday, in the Bío Bío region, culminating in 33 vehicles destroyedconsidering forestry and aggregate trucks, as well as heavy machinery and automobiles.

A security camera from the company Tramsa He captured the attackers moving in a red truck, without a license plate, and carrying high-caliber weapons.

It is seen how they enter a compound, get out of the vehicle and one of them fired a short weapon into the air, to scare others present in the place. Trucks were later taken (video at the top of this note).

According to what was reported by Radio Bio Bio, the event was clearly planned and a total of about 40 hooded men would have participated.

“They threw me to the ground and from there they shot me with a burst (…). Compadres all armed, fed up, there were about 40 compadres and all armed, more armed than the soldiers (sic)”recounted one of the victims.

Yesterday, Friday, through a public statement, The Mapuche Lavkenche Resistance (RML) claimed responsibility for the events.

“The forestry companies have an end date” and “with this action we vindicate our Mapuche political prisoners kidnapped in the different prisons installed in Wallmapu”, was part of what they indicated in the letter.

In this case, the regional presidential delegate, Daniela Dresdner; and the undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, announced a criminal complaint.

The Minister of the Interior, Izkia SichesHe condemned the attack but he ruled out decreeing a new State of Exception in the area.

“We had almost six months of a State of Constitutional Exception in the south and unfortunately we do not advance in the substantive solutions. (…) The evaluation that we have made together with our police officers is that there is a subjective evaluation regarding security”, he maintained.

He added that “the operational capacities that the State of Exception allows us seems to us that, until now, there are many steps to take before arriving at an option like this.”

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