The coffin of the monarch leaves Scotland and already travels to London

The announcement of Juan Carlos I attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London today provoked criticism from progressive parties in Spain. “Inviting an escaped criminal to a state funeral makes it clear how the monarchy looks in Spain and in the United Kingdom,” said Pablo Echenique of Podemos, a minority partner in the coalition government led by socialist Pedro Sánchez.

Iñigo Errejón, from Más Madrid, said that he does not believe that Juan Carlos I is the “most suitable” person to attend Isabel II’s funeral, a fact that “embarrasses both those who are monarchists and those who are not.”

The socialist spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Patxi López, stated: “I don’t know if the Royal House will be very happy with that decision.” In contrast, the conservative Popular Party (PP) described as “logical” the personal decision of Juan Carlos I to respond to the invitation of the British Royal House

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