The color of “sputum” can tell you the disease. Pink sputum signals what disease. Check before it’s late.

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but also found that there was “phlegm” in the throat all the time, in addition to the knowledge of phlegm colorof sputum also indicatesdisease different as well

As already known. phlegm It is a secretion that the body produces. When encountering irritants such as dust, pollen, or other infectious diseases, the body produces mucus. and when the mucus in the nose runs down the throat or mucus in the throat itself or mucus in the trachea that is driven up to the throat, it becomesphlegmin the throat, but some people have doubts that Why do I have phlegm after waking up every time?

cause of havingphlegmafter waking up

throat irritation

Certain sleeping habits can cause air to enter the throat. This results in a dry and cold throat. The body therefore sends up moisture.phlegmcome out makemucus in the throatwake up


Sinusitis patients often have a runny nose down their throat. and become sputum that is usually green or yellow in color

Rhinitis, allergic and non-allergic

patientallergyThey often have a stuffy nose, itchy nose, sneezing, and runny nose. Some people cough, especially when they experience irritation or changes in the air. When the snot runs down the throat, it will causephlegmwhite in the neck

chronic bronchitis

Inflammation of the bronchial mucosa The mucus in the trachea is excreted, so the patient hasmucus in the throat especially when sleeping that the body drivesphlegmnot good, causing when waking up to find that there isthick sputumin the throat

The doctor recommends that if there isphlegmAfter waking up, drink plenty of water to dissolve phlegm. But if the mucus persists for several days, you should see an ear, nose and throat doctor for a diagnosis.

the color ofphlegmindicate disease

The time I havephlegm Itchy neck, check that first. What color is our phlegm like green sputum? bloody sputum or sputum is milky white because of the color of phlegm It can indicate an ongoing health problem, such as sputum caused by an infection. Phlegm is caused by dust, various pollutants, or is sputum related to lung disease, etc.

1. white sputum or cloudy

If you have a stuffy nose, sneezing, coughingwhite sputumor gray, this type of phlegm is a common color. This may be caused by allergic rhinitis. and non-allergic rhinitis The lining is irritated by stimuli such as dust, smoke, air pollution. or other allergens and then stimulate the production of mucus in the nose. The snot may flow down the throat, become eczema, or white or cloudy sputum in the throat when we drive.phlegmComing out, you will see white or cloudy sputum.

2. yellow sputum orgreen sputum

In case the mucus remains in the nose or throat for a long time may change from white to yellow byphlegmSuch may be caused by allergic reactions. allergic rhinitis like above The symptoms can be observed from coughing, sneezing, when exposed to allergens. when driving phlegm during the day The sputum will be white. But after waking up, the sputum is turned yellow. yellow sputum It can also tell other diseases as well. like the flu that is about to recover May find thick, sticky sputum Have a yellow or green color or diseasesinusitis from bacterial infection The sputum is yellow or green all the time. The sputum is always yellow or green. together with foul-smelling breath, fatigue, headache, nose pain, pressure on the cheekbones, around the eyes, or on the forehead

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3. brown sputum

brown sputum It is more common in people who smoke heavily. Due to the resin and tar from cigarettes into the body in large quantities and then be excreted with saliva Therefore, brown sputum can be found in this group of people, but ifphlegmBrown, similar to the color of iron rust, along with chest pain when breathing in, or a strong cough or pain radiating to the shoulder. flanks or stomach area and gasping for breath There may be a high risk of pneumonia. In addition, dark brown sputum may also be found. or black sputum in patients with vomiting blood

4. pink sputum

Many people are probably a little confused whether eh, pink phlegm is there or not?phlegmThis color indicates a danger signal. Because pink sputum may indicate lung health problems. like pneumonia pneumonia with bleeding in the respiratory tract Coughing up blood, foamy sputum, and pink sputum can also be related to heart disease.

5. red sputum bloody sputum

red sputumMost of them are caused by blood mixed with sputum and saliva. This could indicate bronchitis. Respiratory hemorrhage Bleeding into the lungs, visceral hemorrhage, tuberculosis, cancer, pulmonary embolism which should be urgent to see a doctor

However, the colorphlegmDifferent in these 5 characteristics should be concerned from the beginning. then go see a doctor to find the real cause And should not buy medicine to eat by yourself. especially if there isgreen sputum or dark yellow It may not be caused by a bacterial infection, so you shouldn’t buy antibiotics and take them yourself. because besides not being lost It also increases the risk of dangerous drug-resistant infections.

Thank you for information from Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Royal College of Otolaryngology of Thailand, village doctors, Facebook page of Cheewajit Magazine, Faculty of Medicine Mahidol University , Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society

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