The company in charge said that Aguas Rionegrinas does not pay it

2023-09-28 20:08:27

Yesterday the Municipality of Roca announced that they notified the Government of Río Negro and the company Rimsol SA in charge of carrying out the replacement of collectors of a roundabout located on Jujuy and Rochdale streets to complete the work. Today Rimsol responded and said that Aguas Rionegrinas (ARSA) has not paid it.

In response to the formal claim made by the municipality, the company Rimsol SA explained that ““The work is suspended for an indefinite period due to issues beyond the control of the firm and related to lack of payment by ARSA.”.

The work is located in a roundabout that is constantly used by the city’s residents. Although vehicular traffic was enabled in the area, the work It is abandoned and destroyed, as well as the pavement throughout the sector, green spaces, metal railings, road dividers, lighting columns, billboards, horizontal signage, among others, “which represents a serious danger for those who circulate through the place,” they expressed from the municipality.

The company responded by acknowledging the abandonment of the work as well as the damage caused by the intervention and stated that The notification must be made to Aguas Rionegrinas in its capacity as principal over the public space..

The company asked that Aguas Rionegrinas be notified. Photo: Courtesy.

“There are many residents who pass through this area daily and suffer from the damage caused by the work,” said the municipality’s Public Works Secretary, Carla Colombo. She also reported that The Municipality will carry out conditioning of the vehicle route to minimize traffic risksHowever, he clarified that those who should be responsible for this are the provincial government through ARSA and the winning company.

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