The Controversial Red Card: Celtic Coach’s Bitter Reaction to 6-0 Defeat in Madrid

2023-11-08 06:32:26

The coach of Celtic, beaten 6-0 in Madrid by Atlético, returned bitterly to an arbitration decision.

Brendan Rodgers, coach of Celtic Glasgow, after his team’s 6-0 defeat on the pitch of Atlético Madrid, stopped on an arbitration decision which, according to him, turned the match on its head: “I think the red card (in the 23rd minute for Maeda, Editor’s note) was a turning point in the match, because we started well. I don’t think the red is deserved. When we look at the images, the two players catch their feet. It’s a somewhat light red card. I think the referee saw a slowed down image not representative of the action. At 11 against 11 the match would have been different. I’m disappointed because football looks like a computer game now, where decisions are made off the field, even though the referee’s decision was the right one (yellow card and not red, Editor’s note). Some thought there would be fewer bad decisions thanks to VAR, but it seems that now there are even more. This doesn’t seem fair to me.»

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