The creator of Atomic Heart showed an excerpt from the trailer for the upcoming DLC. The rafiks are gone

Additional content is being prepared for Atomic Heart. Mundfish is in no hurry to reveal all the secrets, but something is leaking

With blogger Morgan Dusty shared new materials on Atomic Heart. Artyom Galeev presented a fragment of the cinematic trailer for the future DLC.

Bye for Atomic Heart are planning release four expansions. A release date has not been set.

They are also in no hurry to talk about the contents of the DLC, but it is still known that cut weapons will be added to Atomic Heart.

In Rafiki’s video (or RAF-9 “Engineer”) from Atomic Heart are clearly not bored. It is indicated that the date of publication of the video is March 31, and not April 1.

Video clip.

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